Roots Horticulture Garden Services Brighton and East Sussex are here to advise and assist you with various garden services in Brighton and East Sussex.

Garden Maintenance
We are happy to provide weekly, fortnightly, monthly maintenance along with annual maintenance plans, plus servicing fixtures and equipment to keep your garden healthy, vibrant and tidy throughout the year.

Whether formative , regenerative or specialist pruning we will identify your plants and prune them at the optimum time for shape, vigour and increased vitality.

Fruit Tree Pruning, Planting and Care
Likewise we can prune existing fruit trees to help with future harvests as well maintaining a care program for healthiness.

Lawn Care
A good lawn is the foundation of a beautiful garden, and it can also be the bane for many gardeners. With regular aeration by tining, moss control by scarifying and , ideally organic, weed control and fertilizer and some attention to the edges your lawn will look green and lush again.

Hedge Cutting
Getting good growth by cutting at the correct times will help keep your hedge healthy and at the size and shape wanted. Bird nesting season will always be considered.

Paths, boarders, pots, drives, walls, there's few places a weed won't make it's home. Roots Horticulture will get to the root of the problem and dig back to the start rather than a quick removal of the above ground growth. Its a vital task that prevents them competing with our chosen plants which we can also provide long term solutions such as protective woven layers, or even spraying with ideally organic controls.

Soil Testing, Nutrients and Mulching
Gardeners are always looking to improve their soil conditions as it's such a vital part to the success of a plant. We can look at your soil, identify it's type and then if need be work on ways to improve it's structure. Perhaps your plants need some food for the coming season, again we can work on feeding plans for them as well. A good mulch is vital to keep your soil alive with microbes and life so good coverings are always beneficial.

Garden Clearance
Every so often a garden will be neglected and plants will grow wild and obscure the definition of the landscape. With the correct cutting back, pruning and care it can be regenerated into the how it's was or even how it's wanted. In certain cases a completely bare area might be needed for bigger projects.

Vegetable Gardens, Boarders and Raised Beds
Railway sleepers, bricks, planks, boarder divider to name a few of the many ways to create spaces to grow vegetables, fruits, shrubs and flowers. Dull areas can be transformed in to lush spots with the right plan.

Planting Plans
It could be a new boarder or vegetable garden or make over or an existing space the key will always be on putting the right plant in the right place. With your ideas and input from us new vibrant spaces can be created all around your garden.

Plant Removal, Replacing or Dividing
Sometimes a plant has come to it's end and needs uprooting, sometimes it just need a new place in the garden. At other times it may need to dividing to stimulate more growth. By looking at each plants needs we can plan how to the best from it.

Hedges, Fencing and Paths
New hedges can be created in a few years replacing old dying or diseased ones or a faster option is a fence adding a new look to your garden. Also whether paving stones, bricks, stone or wood chips we can discuss where and how you want to change or add pathways to your garden.

Winter Proofing
Years of life can be added to wooden garden structures, tools, and equipment so yearly attention is a must on every garden calendar.

We can also advise and oversee larger jobs as have contacts we closely work with in each department

• Arboriculture/ Tree Surgery
• Landscaping/ Complete
• Design management
• Builders hardcore/Large plot clearance

Roots Horticulture garden services Brighton and East Sussex will work with our customers to get the best from the space, plants and budget.

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